• We work fast, attentively , during the whole year
  • You can move in “the next day”
  • The price is known in advance, favourable and constant price
  • Great heat insulation characteristics
  • Low heat accumulation, easy termoregulation
  • Our wooden buildings – Your low – energy house
  • More space in the house than you were used to
  • Make it as you would like to have it
  • It looks like a brick house but it’s not
  • Characteristics of wood and the wooden buildings
  •  Low weight construction, steady construction structure
  • High immunity
  • High lifetime
  • Acoustic characteristics
  • Variability
  • Price
  • Supertemporal


We adapt the older house or apartment to modern requirements. In the framework of the reconstruction we will arrange carpentry, assembly of plasterboard and replacement and repair of wiring.


We have been working with plasterboard since the beginning of our market presence. So we have more than fifteen years of experience, which is a long enough time for our company to be a professional representative in this field. Evidence of this is the admission of Madera Teco, s.r.o. to the Plasterboard Guild in 2003. That same year, Knauf, one of the leading manufacturers of plasterboard products, has also been granted a certificate for the installation of gypsum plasterboard systems. However, we highly appreciate the feedback of our satisfied customers, which are the real award for us.

Carpentry work

We are specialists in woodworking with a wealth of experience in the field of carpentry. We provide repair and reconstruction of wooden roof trusses as well as adjustments of roof trusses for attic. We manufacture garage stands, pergolas and other small buildings including interior constructions.

Electrical installation

Reconstruction of houses and flats can not be done without reconstruction of wiring. Original electrical wiring does not usually meet today’s capacity, functionality, fuse, and safety requirements. Do not worry about the electrical installation work by experts from Madera Teco.

Delivery and installation of doors Sapeli
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Delivery and installation of dormers Velux
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