The history of the company Madera Teco, s.r.o. starts in 1997 when it was founded with a statute of a natural person.. The main contents of our working have been fitting – out and realization of garret premises especially in houses, office and detail premises of our customers. Our specialization, on a long – term basis, has been providing and assembling of dry inside constructions, so we are able to use and carry out these among others:

  • Plasterboards systems Knauf
  • Mineral waffle systems Armstrong, OWA a AMF
  • Suspensory lower ceilings made of mineral boards
  • Suspensory waffle lower ceilings made of plaster boards
  • Fireproof cross buttons and casing
  • Different kinds of tiling and paving according to your choice
  • Modifications of inside surfaces, for example: painting, carpets, PVC
  • All the wiring, vodoinstalační a heating engineering work

In 2003 the company Madera Teco, s.r.o. became a part of a guild of Czech plasterboards workers. In the same year the company was given a confirmation for construction of plasterboards systems Knauf. In 2003 the company Madera Teco, s.r.o. has turned into a standart constuction company with complete offer of service in the production field and in constructions of wooden buildings as well.

We offer a complexe service to our customers that includes drafting, construction, taking care of the financing, engineering, insurance, guarantee and after guarantee period service.  Constructions of wooden buildings stems from proven procedure of house constructions and it is formed by framework (not timbered construction). We use wooden chip boards (OSB) and thermofacing with 5 cm (or 8 cm) of stabilized polystyrene as the outer sheath. From inside the construction is infilled with mineral wool ( thickness: 16 – 20 cm), the mineral wool gives the house its typical heat insultation characteristics. The indoor space is equiped with metal construction, vapour protection and plasterboard.

The company Madera Teco, s.r.o. provides houses as key builings. We also provide entire project documentation of the constructions in which we fully respect the individual requirements of our customers and we also place emphasis on the optimal solution for the particular conditions. We also provide the financial counselling to our customers.

You can find more information about us in the section Service.